Konrad K. Solberg

Konrad Knute Solberg (* 25. Juni 1874 in Rushford, Fillmore County, Minnesota; † 28. Januar 1954 in Clarkfield, Minnesota) war ein US-amerikanischer Politiker. Zwischen 1933 und 1935 war er Vizegouverneur des Bundesstaates Minnesota.
Konrad Solberg besuchte die öffentlichen Schulen im Yellow Medicine County, wohin er mit seinen Eltern um das Jahr 1879 gezogen war. Danach absolvierte er das Windom Institute und das Minnesota Business College in Minneapolis. Später betätigte er sich als Farmer und in der Bankenbranche. Dort wurde er Vizepräsident der Farmers and Merchants State Bank. Außerdem war er Direktor bei der Clarkfield Telephone Company. Politisch schloss er sich der Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota an, aus der 1944 die heutige Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party hervorging. Er wurde Mitglied im Schulausschuss und Ortsvorsteher von Clarkfield. Zwischen 1923 und 1930 saß er im Senat von Minnesota, wo er mehrerer Ausschüssen angehörte.
1932 wurde Solberg an der Seite von Floyd B. Olson zum Vizegouverneur von Minnesota gewählt. Dieses Amt bekleidete er zwischen 1933 und 1935. Dabei war er Stellvertreter des Gouverneurs und Vorsitzender des Staatssenats. Im Jahr 1934 kandidierte er erfolglos für den Posten des Secretary of State von Minnesota. Er starb am 28. Januar 1954 in Clarkfield.
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Symplectic matrix

In mathematics, a symplectic matrix is a 2n×2n matrix M with real entries that satisfies the condition

where MT denotes the transpose of M and Ω is a fixed 2n×2n nonsingular, skew-symmetric matrix. This definition can be extended to 2n×2n matrices with entries in other fields, e.g. the complex numbers.
Typically Ω is chosen to be the block matrix
where In is the n×n identity matrix. The matrix Ω has determinant +1 and has an inverse given by Ω−1 = ΩT = −Ω.
Every symplectic matrix has unit determinant, and the 2n×2n symplectic matrices with real entries form a subgroup of the special linear group SL(2n, R) under matrix multiplication, specifically a connected noncompact real Lie group of real dimension n(2n + 1), the symplectic group Sp(2n, R). The symplectic group can be defined as the set of linear transformations that preserve the symplectic form of a real symplectic vector space.
An example of a group of symplectic matrices is the group of three symplectic 2×2-matrices consisting in the identity matrix, the upper triagonal matrix and the lower triangular matrix, each with entries 0 and 1.

Every symplectic matrix is invertible with the inverse matrix given by
Furthermore, the product of two symplectic matrices is, again, a symplectic matrix. This gives the set of all symplectic matrices the structure of a group. There exists a natural manifold structure on this group which makes it into a (real or complex) Lie group called the symplectic group.
It follows easily from the definition that the determinant of any symplectic matrix is ±1. Actually, it turns out that the determinant is always +1. One way to see this is through the use of the Pfaffian and the identity
Since and we have that det(M) = 1.
Suppose Ω is given in the standard form and let M be a 2n×2n block matrix given by
where A, B, C, D are n×n matrices. The condition for M to be symplectic is equivalent to the conditions
When n = 1 these conditions reduce to the single condition det(M) = 1. Thus a 2×2 matrix is symplectic iff it has unit determinant.
With Ω in standard form, the inverse of M is given by
The group has dimension n(2n + 1). This can be seen by noting that the group condition implies that
this gives equations of the form
where is the i,j-th element of M. The sum is antisymmetric with respect to indices i,j, and since the left hand side is zero when i differs from j, this leaves n(2n-1) independent equations.
In the abstract formulation of linear algebra, matrices are replaced with linear transformations of finite-dimensional vector spaces. The abstract analog of a symplectic matrix is a symplectic transformation of a symplectic vector space. Briefly, a symplectic vector space is a 2n-dimensional vector space V equipped with a nondegenerate, skew-symmetric bilinear form ω called the symplectic form.
A symplectic transformation is then a linear transformation L : V → V which preserves ω, i.e.
Fixing a basis for V, ω can be written as a matrix Ω and L as a matrix M. The condition that L be a symplectic transformation is precisely the condition that M be a symplectic matrix:
Under a change of basis, represented by a matrix A, we have
One can always bring Ω to either the standard form given in the introduction or the block diagonal form described below by a suitable choice of A.
Symplectic matrices are defined relative to a fixed nonsingular, skew-symmetric matrix Ω. As explained in the previous section, Ω can be thought of as the coordinate representation of a nondegenerate skew-symmetric bilinear form. It is a basic result in linear algebra that any two such matrices differ from each other by a change of basis.
The most common alternative to the standard Ω given above is the block diagonal form
This choice differs from the previous one by a permutation of basis vectors.
Sometimes the notation J is used instead of Ω for the skew-symmetric matrix. This is a particularly unfortunate choice as it leads to confusion with the notion of a complex structure, which often has the same coordinate expression as Ω but represents a very different structure. A complex structure J is the coordinate representation of a linear transformation that squares to −1, whereas Ω is the coordinate representation of a nondegenerate skew-symmetric bilinear form. One could easily choose bases in which J is not skew-symmetric or Ω does not square to −1.
Given a hermitian structure on a vector space, J and Ω are related via
where is the metric. That J and Ω usually have the same coordinate expression (up to an overall sign) is simply a consequence of the fact that the metric g is usually the identity matrix.
If instead M is a 2n×2n matrix with complex entries, the definition is not standard throughout the literature. Many authors adjust the definition above to

where M* denotes the conjugate transpose of M. In this case, the determinant may not be 1, but will have absolute value 1. In the 2×2 case (n=1), M will be the product of a real symplectic matrix and a complex number of absolute value 1.
Other authors retain the definition (1) for complex matrices and call matrices satisfying (2) conjugate symplectic.


Sakkaramallur is an Indian Panchayat, town panchayat village located in Arcot Taluk of Vellore District in the state of Tamil Nadu. Sakkaramallur is located on Right Bank of Palar River.

The taluk has fairly healthy climate. The study area has distinctly high temperature in hot months and cold weather is for a short duration.
The climatic seasons are generally classified as follows:
The main maximum temperature during summer normal occurs in the month of May while the minimum temperature in winter occurs in January.
The north–east monsoon gives most of the rains. The average rainfall for a year is found to be 600 mm. The maximum rainfall occurs during the month of September and October due to north-east monsoon.
R. Srinivasan is the sitting MLA and G. Hari is sitting Member of Parliament, both from Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (ADMK).
Sakkaramllur is part of Arcot Assembly Constituency. Arcot assembly constituency is part of Arakkonam (Lok Sabha constituency). R. Srinivasan is the sitting Chairperson of the Municipality from ADMK.
The main mode of transport is by bus since it is economical, and well connected by road. A national highway and two state highways pass through Nearby Arcot Town. There are frequent buses to almost all parts of Tamil Nadu. Buses depart every 15 minutes from Arcot Town to Chennai City and there are also buses to Hosur, Bangalore, Tirupathi, Pondicherry (Puducherry). There are lot of private bus operators as well, who provide services on local and short-distance routes. The nearest railway station to sakkaramallur is Walaja Road, which is around 10 km from Sakkaramallur. There are buses (Route 202) Between Arani and Chennai very frequently and also straight buses (Route 123) between Arcot to Chennai. The local bus from Karivedu to Arcot Town is route no.36,37,38.Buses depart every 15–20 minutes from Arcot Town to sakkaramallur Village.Connectivity available on Arcot town Bus-stop In All Areas.
The nearest railway station is walajah Road station 10 km from the town lying between Arakkonam and Vellore-Katpadi Junction 40 km. The new broad gauge line from Tindivanam to Nagari via Walajah Road Junction will pass through nearby Arcot Town. It will function within one year.
Neighbouring villages are Puthupadi, Anathangal, Essaiyanur, Valavanur.[citation needed] The village is home to a population of around 5000 in around 1500 households.[citation needed] The main occupations represented in the village is farming.[citation needed] The village has a pond and a lake; after the rainy season, villagers use the lake water and palar river for irrigation.[citation needed] One corporate bank is available in the village, the bank offers loan facilities for farming families.[citation needed] One Govt post office is available in the village[citation needed] One famous Government higher secondary school is also located in the village.[citation needed] There is a Cricket ground is situated to the local School.[citation needed] Villagers hold Summer cricket tournaments against neighbouring village teams.[citation needed]
The route from Arcot to Kancheepuram en route these villages. Arcot→Mupathuvetti→Puthupadi→Sakkaramallur→Anathangal→Essaiyanur→Valavanur→Brahmadesam→Kancheepuram.
Some of the nearest towns are:
Some of the district headquarters are:
Some of the colleges for students are Studying:
Some of the Schools:

Cobi Crispin

Cobi Crispin (born 22 December 1988) is a 4 point wheelchair basketball forward from Western Australia. She began playing wheelchair basketball in 2003 when she was 17 years old. The Victorian Institute of Sport and Direct Athlete Support (DAS) program have provided assistance to enable her to play. She played club basketball in the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL) for the Victorian Dandenong Rangers in 2012 after having previously played for the Western Stars. In 2015 she began playing for the Minecraft Comets. She played for the University of Alabama in the United States in 2013-15.
Crispin made her Australian women’s national wheelchair basketball team debut in 2006, competing in the Joseph F. Lyttle World Basketball Challenge that year, and participated in Paralympic qualification in 2007. She remained on the team and was part of the bronze medal winning Australia women’s national wheelchair basketball team at the 2008 Summer Paralympics. At the 2010 IWBF World Championships in Birmingham England, her team finished fourth. The following year, she was captain of the 2011 Under 25 (U25) Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team at the World Championships and earned a silver medal. Also in 2012, she participated in Paralympic qualifying, and went on to compete at the 2012 Summer Paralympics where her team finished second.

Cobi Crispin was born in Mackay, Queensland, on 22 December 1988, the daughter of Alan and Cathy Crispin. She has three brothers. She was born missing a femur. She moved to Melbourne, Victoria as a result of switching wheelchair basketball club sides to play with the Dandenong Rangers, and now lives in Ashburton, Victoria. Other sports she has had interest in include hockey, swimming and touch football. Her role models are Paralympic wheelchair basketball players Liesl Tesch and Alison Mosely. She was educated at St Patrick’s College, Mackay, and as of 2012[update] attends Deakin University.
Crispin’s wheelchair basketball classification is 4.0 point player, and she plays forward. She has played the sport since 2003, when she was 17 years old. In 2009, she was an Aspire to be a Champion grant recipient. In 2010, she had a scholarship with the Victorian Institute of Sport, which provides “provide assistance with specialist coaching, sport science, sports medicine, physical preparation and education and career development services as well as training & competition expenses”. In 2010/11 and 2011/12, the Australian Sports Commission gave her A$17,000 grants through the Direct Athlete Support (DAS) program, a scheme which provides direct financial support to elite athletes. She received $5,571 in 2009/10 and $10,000 in 2012/13.
Crispin’s first national team appearance was in 2006. She was selected to participate in a national team training camp in 2010, and was member of the Australia women’s national wheelchair basketball team, known as the Gliders, at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing. The Gliders defeated Japan 53-47 to win the bronze medal.
In October 2011, Crispin was named to the senior national squad that would compete at the Asia/Oceania Championships 2011 in Goyang, South Korea, a qualifying tournament for the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, with the top two teams qualifying. The Gliders lost to Japan twice in the qualifying rounds, but made the finals on percentage, and fought their way back from being seven points down at quarter time to defeat China in the gold medal match, 45-44.
In the first game of the 2012 Paralympics tournament against Brazil, which her team won 52-50, she played 32:34 minutes. She scored 18 points against the Brazil women’s national wheelchair basketball team, and had seven rebounds. In the team’s third game of pool play, where they lost to Canada 50-57, she played 29:43 minutes and scored 12 points. In the team’s fourth game of pool play against the Netherlands women’s national wheelchair basketball team that her team won 58-49, she played 25:09 minutes, and scored ten points. In her team’s quarterfinal 62-37 victory over Mexico women’s national wheelchair basketball team, she played 17:08 minutes, and scored twelve points. Her team met the United States women’s national wheelchair basketball team in the semifinals, where Australia won 40-39 and she played 24:37 minutes, and scored six points. In the gold medal game against the Germany women’s national wheelchair basketball team, she played 29:40 minutes. While her team lost 44-58 and was awarded a silver medal, she scored six points, and had five rebounds.
In 2006, Crispin was named the Northern Challenge Most Valuable Player. Organised by the Sporting Wheelies, this competition beings together teams from across northern Queensland. She was also on the squad that competed at the Joseph F. Lyttle World Basketball Challenge that year. In 2007, she played with the national team that the competed in the Asia Oceania Qualification tournament, and the silver medal winning team that competed at the Osaka Cup. She also played with the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Osaka Cup-winning teams. In 2010, she was part of the fourth place-finishing Australian national squad that competed at the IWBF World Championships, in Birmingham, England.
Crispin was co-captain of the 2011 Under 25 (U25) Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team that competed at the U25 Women’s World Championship of Basketball, and finished second. She was the team’s top scorer in all but last two matches in the tournament, when as reporter Pat Koopman stated, “the opposition concentrated on nullifying her influence” on the games.”
In 2013 Crispin began playing for the University of Alabama, and won the Jessica Staley Impact Award and the Stephanie Wheeler Performance Award for 2013-14. The Alabama team of which she was part went through the season undefeated by women’s teams, and defeated the University of Illinois 58-52 to win the 2015 national championship on 28 February 2015.
In 2008, Crispin was named one of Australia’s Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL) All-Star Five. She played her club basketball for WNWBL’s Western Stars. In the second round of the 2008 season, the Western Stars defeated the Hills Hornets 52-44. Playing for the Stars, wearing number 5, she scored 14 points in her team’s victory. She switched to the Dandenong Rangers for the 2011 season. In her debut game, she scored 28 points and 16 rebounds against her old team. The Rangers went on to win the 2011 WNWBL title, defeating the Sydney Uni Flames 62-59, in a match in which Crispin scored 16 points and was named to the league’s All-Star 5. She was with the Rangers again for the 2012 season, in which was named the 2012 WNWBL MVP of the Final Series after scoring 28 points in the Rangers’ Championship win against the Stacks Goudkamp Bears. In 2015 she joined the Minecraft Comets.

Russell, Minnesota

Russell is a city in Lyon County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 338 at the 2010 census.

Russell was platted in 1888, and named for Russell Spicer, the son of the settler credited with bringing the railroad to the community. A post office has been in operation at Russell since 1889. Russell was incorporated in 1898.
According to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 0.97 square miles (2.51 km2), of which 0.91 square miles (2.36 km2) is land and 0.06 square miles (0.16 km2) is water.
The Redwood River flows through the city.
Minnesota State Highways 23 and 91 are two of the main routes in the community.
As of the census of 2010, there were 338 people, 157 households, and 86 families residing in the city. The population density was 371.4 inhabitants per square mile (143.4/km2). There were 175 housing units at an average density of 192.3 per square mile (74.2/km2). The racial makeup of the city was 98.5% White, 1.2% African American, and 0.3% Native American. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.6% of the population.
There were 157 households of which 27.4% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 48.4% were married couples living together, 5.1% had a female householder with no husband present, 1.3% had a male householder with no wife present, and 45.2% were non-families. 38.2% of all households were made up of individuals and 17.9% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.15 and the average family size was 2.94.
The median age in the city was 37.7 years. 24.9% of residents were under the age of 18; 4% were between the ages of 18 and 24; 29.6% were from 25 to 44; 22.4% were from 45 to 64; and 18.9% were 65 years of age or older. The gender makeup of the city was 48.5% male and 51.5% female.
As of the census of 2000, there were 371 people, 157 households, and 105 families residing in the city. The population density was 415.0 people per square mile (160.9/km²). There were 170 housing units at an average density of 190.2 per square mile (73.7/km²). The racial makeup of the city was 99.19% White, 0.27% African American, 0.54% from other races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.50% of the population.
There were 157 households out of which 33.8% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 56.1% were married couples living together, 5.7% had a female householder with no husband present, and 33.1% were non-families. 25.5% of all households were made up of individuals and 14.0% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.36 and the average family size was 2.90.
In the city the population was spread out with 25.1% under the age of 18, 9.2% from 18 to 24, 29.4% from 25 to 44, 16.2% from 45 to 64, and 20.2% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 35 years. For every 100 females there were 103.8 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 95.8 males.
The median income for a household in the city was $32,045, and the median income for a family was $39,000. Males had a median income of $32,188 versus $21,406 for females. The per capita income for the city was $14,767. About 6.1% of families and 9.8% of the population were below the poverty line, including 5.3% of those under age 18 and 14.9% of those age 65 or over.
Coordinates: 44°19′09″N 95°57′06″W / 44.31917°N 95.95167°W / 44.31917; -95.95167

Instructional manipulation check

An instructional manipulation check, often abbreviated IMC, is a special kind of question inserted in a questionnaire among the regular questions, designed to check whether respondents are paying attention to the instructions. Discarding responses by participants who fail to read the instructions reduces the noise-to-signal ratio and can thereby increase the statistical power of an experiment. The tool was developed by Oppenheimer et al.
Eliminating random responses this way before performing statistical hypothesis testing may be considered a legitimate form of data manipulation, but should be duly mentioned in publications reporting on the outcome of the experiment in question.
Among several forms an IMC can take, a popular one is the so-called blue-dot task, suitable for on-line questionnaires. A number of larger blue circles are arranged according to a Likert scale from (say) “very rarely” to “very frequently”. Participants who ignore the instructions and merely want to finish the task will just click any one of these circles. The instructions, however, ask the participants to ignore the larger circles and instead click a little blue dot at the bottom of the screen. Oppenheimer et al. report that in a large sample of undergraduate participants, approximately 7% failed this task.


Büyükkonuk (griechisch Κώμη Κεπήρ Komi Kebir) ist ein Dorf auf der Karpas-Halbinsel im Norden der Mittelmeerinsel Zypern und liegt im Distrikt İskele der Türkischen Republik Nordzypern. Der Ort hatte 2011 812 Einwohner.

Büyükkonuk liegt auf der Karpas-Halbinsel, 33 Kilometer nördlich von Gazimağusa, vier Kilometer östlich von Sazlıköy und acht Kilometer östlich der Burg Kantara.
Vor 1974 war Büyükkonuk durch Zyperntürken und Zyperngriechen bewohnt. Die Griechen stellten die Mehrheit im Dorf. Im Jahre 1973 hatte Büyükkonuk 762 Bewohner, davon waren 200 Zyperntürken und 562 Zyperngriechen. 66 Schüler wurden in der griechischen Grundschule des Dorfes für das Lehrjahr 1973/74 eingeschrieben. Viele der zyperngriechischen Bewohner flohen nach dem Einmarsch der türkischen Streitkräfte 1974 in den Süden der Insel. Jack Goodwin zählte im November 1975 155 Zyperngriechen, die weiterhin im Dorf lebten. Diese verließen das Dorf, sodass man im Dezember 1976 keine Zyperngriechen mehr im Ort zählen konnte.
Heute leben in Büyükkonuk Zyperntürken die bereits im Ort lebten, sowie einige die sich aus dem Bezirk Paphos angesiedelt haben. Hinzu kommen Siedler aus der Türkei. 2006 zählte man 1109 Zyperntürken, 2011 waren es 811.

Pièces de monnaie en escudo portugais

Les pièces de monnaie portugaises sont une des représentations physiques, avec les billets de banque, de la monnaie du Portugal.

L’escudo était subdivisé en 100 centavos.
En 1926 (Revolução de 28 de Maio de 1926), un coup d’État met fin à la Première République. Mendes Cabeçadas devient le premier président de la Ditadura Nacional. Le Général Manuel de Oliveira Gomes da Costa lui succède rapidement. La dictature militaire dure jusqu’en 1933.
De nouvelles pièces de 50 centavos et de 1 escudo sont frappées début 1927. Malgré le régime fort, les attributs de la république sont toujours présents sur les pièces : la mention REPUBLICA PORTUGUESA, le blason de la république et une allégorie de la république : une femme portant le bonnet phrygien.
En 1933, l’Estado Novo, régime autoritaire de Salazar, est mis en place.
Ce régime tombe en 1974 à la suite de la Révolution des œillets
En 1942 des pièces de 10 et de 20 centavos sont frappées, toujours avec les symboles de la république…
Une série complète de nouvelles pièces sont frappées à partir des années soixante.
La Révolution des œillets (25 avril 1974) rétablit la démocratie.
Le Portugal devient une République unitaire parlementaire qui s’appuie sur la Constitution portugaise du 2 avril 1976.
En raison de l’inflation importante,
Cette série de pièces circulera jusqu’à l’apparition de l’euro.

HMS Pigeon (1806)

HMS Pigeon (or Pidgeon) was a Royal Navy Cuckoo-class schooner of four12-pounder carronades and a crew of 20. Custance & Stone built and launched her at Great Yarmouth in 1806. Like many of her class and the related Ballahoo-class schooners, she succumbed to the perils of the sea relatively early in her career.

She was commissioned in June 1806 under Lieutenant Richard Cox.
Pidgeon was at the surrender of the Danish Fleet after the Battle of Copenhagen on 7 September.[Note 1] Pidgeon also shared, with many other ships in the British fleet at Copenhagen in August-September 1807, in the prize money for several captures other captures: Hans and Jacob (17 August), and Odifiord and Benedicta (4 and 12 September).[Note 2]
Pigeon was wrecked off Kingsgate Point near Margate on 5 January 1809. At 5pm while cruising with Calliope off Flushing the two vessels parted company in a heavy gale and snowstorm. Pigeon sighted a light that her crew took to be the North Sand Head but 15 minutes later she grounded. The grounding parted her rudder post; within minutes the water was above her hold and the sea was breaking over her. The crew lashed themselves to the rigging and awaited the dawn. Unfortunately, two of her crew died of exposure during the night. The following morning local people and the Sea Fencibles rescued the survivors.

List of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge episodes

Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge is the fourth and final season of the Japanese anime television series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. The series originally had 26 episodes ordered, however, Nelvana recently announced that this series will be extended to 46 episodes total in length, with production by TMS Entertainment and Japan Vistec. Unlike the other seasons, Mechtanium Surge is split into two separate stories. The series premiered in Canada on February 13, 2011, United States on March 5, 2011 and Australia on March 8, 2011 on Cartoon Network.
On January 15, 2012 CoroCoro Comics announced that a series was in production which will feature the characters from the BakuTech! Manga. It premiered on April 7, 2012, on TV Tokyo.
The original version of Mechtanium Surge began airing in Taiwan on August 11, 2012 on YoYo TV every Saturday; also, this program began airing in Hong Kong on October 25, 2012 on TVB every weekday. Taiwan aired the original version of New Vestroia six months before Japan. The TW/HK version of Mechtanium Surge uses the original Japanese score, but the opening theme audio is “Cho! Saikyou! Warriors” which is New Vestroia’s OP (and the Gundalian Invaders in overseas version including Taiwan and Hong Kong did the same, except for Japan version). 35 seconds (throughout the whole video) of the TW/HK version opening theme video is that of the original Japanese version, while the rest are scenes from various episodes.

One whole year has passed after defeating Barodius and the Twelve Orders, Dan, Marucho and Shun have managed to rebuild Bakugan Interspace and expand it. The episode begins, with Dan battling two Subterra and Darkus brawlers in Interspace with Marucho and Shun observing the battle. Marucho’s new Guardian Bakugan, Aquos Trister, complains about not being able to battle after leaving Gundalia to team up with him. Shun’s new partner, Ventus Taylean, tries to tell Trister to be patient but the two end up squabbling. Meanwhile, Dan and Drago are about to finish off their opponents with Dragon Strength but Drago has a vision of a strange Bakugan that makes him miss. But after attacking them once again, he finishes them off with a few blows. After the battle, the Brawlers observe two rival teams battling, Team Anubias and Team Sellon. Ever since they appeared in Interspace, they have become among the top ranked battlers, just below Dan and Drago. Suddenly Team Anubias appears and starts trash talking about the Brawlers, almost to the point of battling each other. However their rivalry is interrupted by a sleazy dealer named Dylan who tries to get them to buy his stuff and cause both teams to leave.
Sometime after Dan’s battle with Ben from Team Anubias, Marucho and Shun talk to Dan about having Drago sit out for a while. Dan, however, disagrees and says he will get Drago’s powers under control, but secretly, he’s extremely nervous about the amount of power Drago unleashed and decides to go and train to get Drago’s powers under control. Meanwhile, Marucho decides to have a battle to make up for Dan having to sit out, so he fights against Jack of Team Aubias. He and Trister struggle to win against Jack and his Guardian Bakugan, Aquos Krakenoid. Meanwhile, Dan and Drago found an abandoned arena to use as a training ground, but when Drago is training, a mysterious Mechtogan who calls himself Zenthon appears and wreaks havoc on the arena. Dan and Drago try to defeat it, but it blocks Drago’s attacks and eventually teleports away.
Shun and Marucho discover that Dan and Drago are training secretly, and that Drago spawned Zenthon. They then fight alongside Dan against Zenthon and none of their attacks are strong enough to defeat Zenthon’s shield. The next day Sellon and Dan have a match but Shun decides to join in to help keep Drago from losing control of his new powers again.
Tension Some tension between the Brawlers rises, when Shun suggests to Dan that he should take a break from battling as to avoid another one of Drago’s power loss disasters. However, Dan interprets this as Shun mistrusting him and they argue. Shun is later confronted by Sellon, who still wants him on her team and suggests that he give Dan some tough love.
Dan and Drago have disappeared and all sorts of negative rumors are spreading throughout Interspace. Team Anubias is dominating the battlefield, now that Anubias himself is number one in the rankings. Shun and Marucho arrive in Interspace and discover that brawlers are now using BakuNano, equipment much like Battle Gear that amplifies a Bakugan’s destructive powers. When they question Dylan, they discover that the upgrade for the BakuNano just appeared out of nowhere. Sellon has another talk with Shun and suggests that he take the position of leader of the Brawlers and put an end to the BakuNanos since Dan and Drago are gone. Shun at first refuses.
Dan and Drago finally arrive in New Vestroia, to train in an attempt to control Drago’s new powers. In Drago’s secret training area, Dan and Drago find Aquos Amazon, Preyas student and Preyas himself asking if Marucho is with him in which Dan replies no. Amazon, having heard all about Drago from Preyas, wishes to battle with Drago. However, Dan and Drago are unsure because they may lose control of their powers again. Dan determines that each time Drago has lost control it has been in Bakugan Interspace, a virtual world and the result may be different in the real world. While Drago and Amazon begin battling, Mag Mel and Razenoid begin feeling Drago’s immense power, deducing that he is battling in the real world. During the battle, Dan and Drago suddenly have another vision of Mag Mel and Razenoid and they pass out with one last fireball. Preyas and Amazon leave while Dan and Drago rest.
Drago is seen training by himself for some reason. Then a flashback which shows Drago wishing to train on his own and away from Dan but he doesn’t want Drago to train by himself but Drago says that he’s no good to anyone and he flies away. Mag Mel is then seen talking to Anubias about the whereabouts of Dan and Drago and it would never occur to him that they were at New Vestroia, the home of all Bakugan. Mag Mel then gives Anubias a Chaos Bakugan called Darkus Iron Dragonoid and a new Mechtogan called Venexus. Mag Mel then tells Anubias to go to New Vestroia and to find Dan and Drago. Anubias then goes back to Bakugan Interspace and transforms into his Gundalian form. After that, he then goes to New Vestroia. Just as Anubias arrives to New Vestroia, he says that he is a messager and he says skip the introductions and to battle. Anubias first summons Darkus Iron Dragonoid and attacks Preyas and Drago with Ollan Terror attack. When Drago gets hit by the attack, Preyas steps in to defend him. While on Earth, Marucho and Shun are at the place where they were waiting for Dan in epiosde 6, talking about Dan.
Shun has been battling far more frequently since taking the position of leader of the Brawlers, and it is starting to take its toll on him. However, he is more determined than ever to put a stop to the chaotic battling when Mechtogans are allowed in battles and Shun decides to enter the Battle Royale to stop them. Things get tough when he goes up against Robin from Team Anubias and Soon from Team Sellon, who each uses Bolcanon and Krowl, each equipped with their BakuNanos, Hyper Pulsor and Slicerix. Shun and Taylean fight them but start losing. Shun and Taylean fight on. However, Taylean spawns a Mechtogan called Silent Strike, making things even more complicated. Shun tries his best to defeat it to no avail, and Silent Strike defeats both Bolcanon and Krowl. Shun is then rescued by Rafe and Paige with their Bakugan, Boulderon and Wolfurio.
Dan and Drago are trying to get full control of Zenthon, but fail. Then they attempt to fly up a cliff, but the strong wind pushes them down. Drago tells Dan that they are falling out of sync, but then they are paid a visit by their old friend Wavern as a spirit-voice who helps them. She tells them they have to help the Brawlers and get back in sync. Also, Paige and Rafe talk about the Brawlers as they were sent to be their students. Rafe says that he wanted to be like them after watching them battle against the Gundalian forces but realizes that they need to help them. Paige still doubts them. Meanwhile, Marucho is confronted by his father and must decide how to save Bakugan Interspace from further destruction. Marucho’s father tells him to quit the Brawlers but after a talk from Trister, Marucho decides not to quit.
The episode starts at a cave in New Vestroia, with Wavern telling Dan and Drago that the mystery to the entity in their nightmares will be solved in the cave. Then, Dan and Drago enter the cave. In Bakugan Interspace, there is a Capture the Flag competition in the Dungeon arena. Marucho tries to convince Paige and Rafe to try to not battle as much in the competition, but they take that as an insult and they leave angrily. Soon, Shun comes and tells Marucho that the only way to stop the chaos is to battle. Elsewhere, Sellon is seen contacting Mag Mel and informing him about the Capture the Flag challenge and he thinks that the Chaos Energy produced will be massive and he will be able to break out of his prison. Before the competition, Team Anubias meet up. Anubias gives Bolcanon to Robin, Krakenoid to Jack and Horridian to Ben. Anubias then states that he will not be participating in the competition. At the beginning of the competition, a brawler enters but is quickly defeated by a large group of brawlers. Then, Shun arrives with Taylean and defeats them. Meanwhile, Rafe and Paige are doing well until Ben comes with Horridian. Rafe and Ben use their BakuNano and attack each other. Paige joins in but then a beam from Hyper Pulsor comes and attacks them. Jack and Robin arrive but Marucho jumps in with Tristar and disappear in a giant wave with Paige and Rafe. Meanwhile, Dylan begins to wonder who will win since the participants are strong and even in terms of strength. Then, Shun arrives in another location and is attacked by Soon and Chris. They begin to insult Shun (Chris calls him an “emo twerp”) and they use their Bakugan and BakuNano to battle Shun. Down in the sewers, Rafe and Paige complain that they didn’t need Marucho’s help. He tries to explain them that pure strength will not always lead to success. The two disagree but then they are ambushed by Jack. They begin to run but Marucho faints. Tristar explains that Marucho tried to plan the safest route with the least battles for 2 days and that tired him out, much to Rafe and Paige surprise, who underestimate Marucho’s skills. Then, when they get closer to the flag, Ben and Robin are there. Jack then comes from behind and they all attack Tristar at once. However, Marucho uses an ability which acts as if Tristar wasn’t there which leads the attacks to each other and Team Anubias loses. Also, Shun wins his battle against Soon and Chris. Marucho arrives at the temple, where the flag is at the top. There, Marucho sees Sellon who uses her BakuNano. Using her BakuNano, she manages to defeat Tristar but only before she finds out it was a distraction. Rafe with Wolfurio and Paige with Boulderon come out. As Boulderon runs up the temple, Sellon unleashes her Mechtogan, Braxion. Rafe succeeds in stalling for time as Paige gets the flag and the win goes to the Battle Brawlers. Then Marucho reveals his plan: He knew Shun would attract many Brawlers so there would be fewer people to brawl.
In the Cafe in Bakugan Interspace, Shun is trying to relax a little. Marucho then arrives, and tries to tell Shun that he is battling way too much and suggests a break on Earth. Shun gets angry, and says he doesn’t need a break. Marucho then suggests battling him but Shun just leaves. Back on New Vestroia, Dan and Drago were talking about Code Eve. Wavern then asks who Code Eve is and they explain who she is. Wavern suggests looking through their memories. The first thing they see is when they first saw the Sacred Orb on Neathia. Then they are brought to the battle against Dharak Colossus and with Linehalt using his Forbidden Powers. After, they are brought to the final battle between Dharak and Drago. Finally, they are at the point where they are given the powers. They finally remember when Drago evolved. The feeling was the same as Drago losing control. They are brought back to New Vestroia. In Bakugan Interspace, Shun is in a championship battle and defeated a brawler with Cyclone Percival. Rafe and Paige talk about how Shun battles and how they are bad. He advances to the semi-finals to battle Anubias.
In Bakugan Interspace, Rafe and Paige win a battle, and the rank for the Battle Brawlers is going back up. With their new ranking, they will face of with Team Anubias in a 2 vs 2 match. Marucho vows to defeat them to get rid of the violence which leads to flashbacks of Bakugan using BakuNano. Meanwhile, on New Vestroia, Dan and Drago are training and they both think that they are in sync. Drago says that he wants to try a round with Zenthon. Drago then tries to summon Zenthon, however, during the process, Dan sees a violent vision of Razenoid commanding a whole bunch of Chaos Bakugan to attack Bakugan Interspace. Then, Razenoid summons a portal which leads to Bayview and attacks with a powerful attack. Dan is then about to faint but Drago catches him just on time. Afterwards, Sellon suddenly arrives. The matchups for the battles against the Battle Brawlers and Team Anubias are Marucho and Shun vs Anubias and Robin and Rafe and Paige vs Jack and Ben. They only show the battle between Marucho and Shun vs Anubias and Robin. Anubias uses Horridian while Robin uses Bolcanon. While in New Vestroia, Sellon reveals she is working for Mag Mel but she doesn’t reveal her identity. She also says that the guy from before, Anubias, was also a servant but does not reveal his identity either and Dan was shocked. Sellon then commences the battle, summoning one Haos, one Ventus and one Subterra Iron Dragonoid while Dan uses Titanium Dragonoid. They are all quickly defeated by Titanium Dragonoid’s Dragon Force Striker and Sellon said that was incredible. Then, Sellon summons six different attributed Flash Ingrams which all have BakuNano Shoxrox. Later, when Dan says that the only way to defeat all the six Flash Ingrams is to use Dragon Force Striker, Sellon’s Haos Flash Ingram nullifies all Drago’s abilities so Dan says if they can’t use abilities, they have to summon Zenthon. They then focus to try to summon Zenthon and they are successful. The six Flash Ingrams then attack Zenthon with the BakuNano’s but Zenthon retaliates by defeating five of the Flash Ingrams and Drago defeats one of them barehanded. Zenthon then speaks and thanks Dan and Drago for creating him and letting him do his job. Sellon then gets angry and summons three Mechtogan: Deezall, Rockfist and Miserak. Meanwhile, The battle begins in Bakugan Interspace as Anubias uses Horridian’s BakuNano, Aeroblaze and Robin uses Bolcanon’s BakuNano, Hyper Pulsor. During the battle between Dan and Sellon, Deezal, Rockfist and Miserak attack Zenthon brutally. Mag Mel is then seen getting massive amounts of Chaos Energy. Later when Miserak, Deezal and Rockfist activate their lasers, Dan is thrown back and sees a vision of Shun and Marucho vs Anubias and Robin. Zenthon then get attacked by Rockfist and Deezal when Zenthon is down. When Zenthon is down, Drago says that they’re going to pay for that but Dan says to Drago, we have to stay in sync. They then convince Zenthon to get up and they then become all synchronized with each other. The bond between Dan, Titanium Dragonoid and Zenthon is used to summon a Mechtogan Titan called Zenthon Titan. Zenthon Titan then defeats Miserak, Deezal and Rockfist with ease and then Sellon tells Dan and Drago that they can keep their Gate and Key.
Before the episode begins with the Battle Brawlers going through a Dimension Portal, to get to Gundalia, Dan goes with the other Brawlers because this fight involves him too. Once they arrive, they arrive at the city lines and see a desolate land which used to have homes. Later, two Gundalian guards confront them. Marucho says they are from Earth and they are the Battle Brawlers, Paige says that she is a Gundalian and Rafe says that he is a Castle Knight, but the guards don’t believe them. Then, Ren arrives and says they are his friends. They find out he is now the leader of the Gundalian Forces. Ren then brings them to a secret hideout. When they arrive there, they receive a message from Nurzak, who has become the first Prime Minister of Gundalia. He welcomes the Brawlers and he is happy to see them back. Then he asks if Paige has been a good student and she concurs, which delights him. Then, Nurzak explain how a castle had emerged from underground out of nowhere, and an evil person called Mag Mel, with his brutish Bakugan, Razenoid, started it all. Then, Fabia Sheen appears on the screen in her Human Form and the Brawlers seem happy to see her once again. Rafe bows down as he reveals to Dan Kuso and the brawlers that she became the Queen while the former Queen (Serena Sheen), became the Ambassador of Gundalia and Neathia, surprising the Brawlers. Nurzak then says that he doesn’t know why they came and attacked Gundalia so they had to fight and Queen Fabia said that the Castle Knights are coming to help the Gundalians in their fight against Mag Mel and Razenoid. Prime Minister Nurzak and Queen Fabia then leave. Ren then tells them that Chaos Bakugan are probably going to the center of Gundalia, where the Royal Palace is. Everyone then agrees with Ren but then Dan wants to help because he has a connection with Mag Mel and Razenoid however, Marucho tries to get Dan to sit this one out because of what happened before, and they end up arguing. Then, Ren asks if he should know anything about them fighting but they don’t say that it’s nothing. Later, Ren shows the Brawlers a map of the city lines but Dan feels a vision who shows Mag Mel with Razenoid and the army of Chaos Bakugan going North through a place called Dalia’s Valley. Dan then says that Mag Mel and Razenoid are going North through Dalia’s Valley. Ren knows that the Valley and it goes straight to the Royale Palace. Ren then asks Dan how he knows this and reveals to Ren and the Gundalian Soldiers that he is linked with Mag Mel and Razenoid. The Gundalian Soldiers don’t trust Dan because he has a link with Mag Mel but Dan says that he can be trusted and Ren assures with a little bit of doubt. Marucho then devises and prepares a plan for an ambush. At the valley, the group waits for Mag Mel to arrive and Dan experiences some pain in his head.
Dan With the war turning on the Chaos Bakugan, Linehalt, Aranaut, and the other Bakugan are trying to defend against them. While that is happening, Nurzak and Fabia talk about the War between Mag Mel and Gundalia. Nurzak speaks up and says that their next target will be Neathia if they are able to take Gundalia down. Fabia ensures him that the Battle Brawlers will definitely succeed because the Sacred Orb chose them. After the fall, Rafe and Dan get separated from Shun, Marucho and Paige. The Chaos Bakugan come after them and Rafe doesn’t know what to do, wishing that Marucho and Shun were there to help them. Dan then tells Rafe that he will handle it and tells Drago to use Dragon Blazer on the roof and rocks tumble down which trap the Chaos Bakugan. Rafe is then amazed about what Dan and Drago just did and asks how he knew that. Dan says that he has learnt some things over the past few years. Dan then decides to go after Mag Mel and Razenoid. Rafe is suggesting that he should follow Dan, but Dan rejects the idea. Rafe then get mad and Dan explains everything to Rafe including the Gate and Key they have. Rafe then asks what is the Gate and Key and Drago say that their not really sure themselves. In the end, Dan becomes convinced and decides to trust his friends. He also realizes that they were trying to help him. Dan then tells Rafe to go to find the other Brawlers so they can help him while Dan goes after Mag Mel himself. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is having trouble during the battle against the Chaos Bakugan and Marucho wishes that Dan was here. Rafe then arrives and uses a BakuLaunch to throw Wolfurio which he is able to defeat most of them. Taylean then defeats the rest with Slash Rise Thunder. Rafe then says that Dan went to look for Mag Mel and the Brawlers say that he just mad because Marucho is now the Leader of the Battle Brawlers. Rafe then says it is more than that and he truly cares for the Brawlers.
During the rain in Bakugan Interspace, there is a shadow of a weakened Sellon hobbling. There is also a flashback of when Mag Mel created her and Anubias. Spyron then comes to hunt her down to bring her back to Mag Mel but is luckily saved by Chris and Soon. Meanwhile, Marucho is still trying to repair the access point but Rafe alerts them of Chris and Soon arriving with Sellon. Soon and Chris explain what happened but the Brawlers say that she can’t be trusted and they begin to argue with them. Shun arrives to harshly say to ditch her but then, she suddenly turns into her true form to attack a hidden Pyrus/Darkus Flash Ingram. Shun then battles it and Sellon gives a tip to attack the horn. Shun manages to destroy it and Sellon reveals that she doesn’t want to leave because of her inspiration coming from her teammates.
Then, Marucho’s BakuColar shows that there is an army of Chaos Bakugan coming with Braxion, Miserak and Rockfist. Dan, Rafe and Paige head out first while Shun and Marucho stay behind to find more information about Mag Mel. When Dan arrives he summons Zenthon which quickly defeats a lot of Chaos Bakugan and Drago defeats Rockfist with no trouble at all. However, Rafe and Paige are having a little trouble with the Chaos Bakugan. Marucho reminds them to attack their horn and they are then successful. Shun, still distrustful, is keeping a close eye on Sellon through a security camera just in case she does anything evil. Zenthon and Drago have defeated every Chaos Bakugan and Mechtogan except Braxion but reinforcements come to attack the battlers who are hiding. Shun then heads there to help them while Sellon asks Soon and Chris for a favor. During the battle, Dan gets a transmission from Marucho who says Sellon has a message. Sellon says that she needs to tell Dan something really important about the link between him and Mag Mel in person. As Dan is heading there, Shun summons Silent Strike to help. Dan then arrives to see Sellon lying on the ground. As he comes to help, she reveals that she tricked them and turns into her true form. She knocks Dan and Drago to the wall and takes the Key! Suddenly, Shun arrives and the pursuing battle begins. Sellon says they are alike but that makes Shun very angry and Taylean then defeats Spyron, Vertexx and Krowl. Sellon then flies away and tries teleports back to Mag Mel. Shun tries to stop her but is held back by Chris and Soon. Sellon thanks them and starts revealing Mag Mel’s true plan, which ends up having Soon and Chris betrayed once again. She goes through a Dimensional Gate and the Bakugan fall back. Mag Mel is pleased that he finally has the key. He then absorbs Sellon’s energy despite her success and her pleading. Dan is angry that he had been duped as Anubias looks from far off on building, then jumps off.
Haos Aerogan continues his training in New Vestroia to jump high set by his mistress/master. However he yearns for more battling experience after continuously jumping higher since the beginning of training. Aerogan then sneaks off to Earth to find a potential battling partner so he can fight other Bakugan. Aerogan transports to Bakugan City but gets a less-than-welcome greeting from each of the Bakugan requesting for a battle. Aerogan is repeatedly buffeted and pinballed until he ends up making a soft landing into Runo’s drink, who was relaxing in the park. Runo cleans Aerogan up and explains to him the current climate and how the Battle Brawlers are watching for any signs of Wiseman’s movements. Aerogan is elated to hear that Runo is part of the Brawlers and is adamant to be her partner, despite Runo having given up brawling. However she does bring him back to the Brawlers’ headquarters where the other Bakugan cites Aerogan’s enthusiasm to join them but lacks the battling experience and its purpose. Dan leaves saying that Aerogan is now Runo’s problem, much to her annoyance. Mira’s analysis confirms Aerogan’s high jumping prowess but Aerogan asks to train somewhere with Runo so she takes him to a place where Shun goes for his ninja training. Runo repeats her statement that she is not Aerogan’s battling partner and that she and her former Guardian Bakugan, Tigrerra gave up battling on the front lines to protect their friends and family. As Aerogan begins jumping, Wiseman is revealed to have eavesdropped on the conversation, surprised that Runo was once a Battle Brawler.
The Brawlers are sent to the Doom Dimension. Gunz Lazar and the Nonets are angry with Mechtavius Destroyer for robbing them of their revenge against Drago. Mechtavius Destroyer then tells the Nonets that he will destroy them and absorb their powers for himself, and that they will become a part of him. He then takes them all down with ease. Gunz then grabs the Nonets and runs off with them into the woods. Meanwhile, in the Doom Dimension, the Brawlers are clueless as to how to escape. Reptak then tells the Brawlers he is sure that Red Wiseman was the real Gunz. Dan later suggests that Drago try to teleport out of the Doom Dimension like before. Drago tries but fails, leaving the Brawlers realizing that they are in serious trouble. Gunz and the Nonets are plotting to fight Mechtavius Destroyer and take him down for good. Stronk suggests that he and Spatterix combine but Spatterix does not want to as he does not like to combine with Stronk. They leave the woods and find Mechtavius Destroyer who fires at them. Gunz throws out Spatterix who tries to hold back the blast but is not powerful enough. Gunz then throws out Stronk who combines with Spatterix to form Scorptak and proceeds to attack Mechtavius Destroyer. Gunz then throws out Betadron, Kodokor, and Mutabrid who plan on combining as well but are shot down by Mechtavius Destroyer before they have the chance. The Darkus Nonets prepare to combine a second time but Mutabrid is shot point-blank by Mechtavius Destroyer and is weakened greatly. Despite this, he still insists on combining but he is once again shot by Mechtavius Destroyer. Mutabrid then apologizes to his brothers and dies and is then absorbed by Mechtavius Destroyer. Gunz then throws out Tremblar. Enraged, the Nonets attack Mechtavius Destroyer all at once and momentarily destroys his shield. However, before they can attack again, the shield forms back.

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